We build, optimize, secure, and support with simple no long-term contract pricing.

Experts that architect and manage clouds with dedicated and obsessive 24/7/365 support. Focus on growing your business not infrastructure.



Cloud infrastructure design that is secure, performant, elastic, affordable, and agnostic.

Migrate existing infrastructure from Heroku, on-premise, or other providers.

Re-architect your infrastructure or migrate to microservices, containers, and serverless.


From simple LAMP/MEAN stacks to complex multi-region architectures using Packer, Terraform, containerization and beyond, we can build it.

CDN configuration and optimization including expert knowledge of CloudFlare.

Local development environments, continuous integration pipelines, deployments, and testing infrastructure.


Manage your infrastructure spend and reduce costs.

Infrastructure monitoring and alerting using native cloud provider offerings or third parties such as Datadog, Pingdom, and PagerDuty.

Compliance and governance. Security patching and updating of infrastructure components.


Your first and last DevOps hire!

By leveraging our decades of DevOps and sysadmin experience, we'll help you focus on what's important… Growing your business. Let us handle uptime, security, cost optimization, disaster recovery, and performance. We’re always on-call, ready to assist. Elastic Byte focuses on being responsive, transparent, and thorough.


Packer + Terraform =

Packer automates the creation of machine images across cloud providers.

It embraces modern configuration management by utilizing automated scripts to install and configure software within images.

Produces exact point-in-time images with multi-region replication support.

Terraform codifies infrastructure and resources, replacing manual point and click with a simple and intuitive declarative configuration.

Confidently apply reproducible infrastructure transformations. Humans make mistakes and forget details, machines and code don't.

Terraform configurations can be stored in version control, shared, and collaborated on by teams.


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We work with the following clouds:

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform